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M&A Advisory & Succession Planning

BFS provides M&A advisory services you can bank on to sell or buy a business.

Small and Middle-Market companies typically look for professional guidance on strategic acquisitions to grow their business and eventually sell their business as part of a succession plan or retirement.  Burke Financial Services has advised on hundreds of M&A deals from $100,000 to $100 million.  Our M&A Advisory Services strive to provide you with

  1. Obtaining the highest price when selling your company.
  2. Protect the confidentiality of the transaction throughout the entire process.
  3. Finding the best possible fit and deal structure when acquiring a target company.
  4. We take the time to educate our clients on all aspects of the deal, so they are comfortable.
  5. We customize our service offerings to best suit our client’s needs.

As Certified M&A Advisors and Certified Public Accountants, we have the credentials to best represent your interests.  We have extensive experience in multiple industries such as Service, Health Care, Energy, Entertainment, Retail, and Professional Services.  Our M&A Advisory Services Include:

Succession Planning

Development of a comprehensive transition plan to successors and retirement planning.

Value Consulting

 Preparing your business for sale to maximize proceeds so no money is left on the table.

Valuation and Market Analysis

 We prepare valuation estimates based on the buyer’s perspective using future cash flow modeling and market comparison multiples to get a true picture of what your business is worth.

Pitchbook Development

 A comprehensive and well-organized pitch book is critical to successful deal sourcing and reaping the highest returns.  We provide years of experience on successful pitchbook and write up presentations.

Due Diligence Process Management

 The due diligence process is the heart of any deal.  It can be a grueling time-consuming process.  The “devil is in the details” and without proper management you could lose significant dollars on a deal.  BFS has managed both sell side and buy side due diligence processes successfully.

Deal Structure and Negotiation

 The key to structuring a successful transaction is knowing what is possible and solving issues.  We take a very professional, logical and rational approach to assure we reach an agreement without drama.  In our experience, this has enabled us to be successful in developing custom solutions that are beneficial to our clients.

Tax Strategies and Analysis

 M&A tax strategies required specialized and sophisticated tax advice from and experienced M&A Advisor and CPA.  BFS has decades of tax transaction experience with every business type and industry.

Post Deal Integration Management

 A majority of acquisitions fail at the integration stage.  Post-merger integration (PMI) is as important as considering the purchase pricing and financial risks.  BFS can guide you through all aspects of PMI from financial reporting, internal controls, human capital and culture integration to communication strategies.

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